the architecture of constructing a practice

  • skills vs need vs fees

    Gregory Walker
    Nov 25, '12 11:34 PM EST

    for anyone "looking for a job", the following equation will almost certainly drive the decision about how much pay will be offered: (fees/expenses) + ((skill-sets+need)/availability) = rate x (duration of project) or some variation thereof. in shorthand: the rate's driven by a combination of the... View full entry

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Central to the blog is a long running interest in how we construct practices that enable and promote the kind of work we are all most interested in. From how firms are run, structured, and constructed, the main focus will be on exploring, expanding and demystifying how firms operate. I’ll be interviewing different practices – from startups to nationally recognized firms, bringing to print at least one a month. Our focus will be connecting Archinect readers with the business of practice.

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