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    good morning...

    Gregory Walker
    Sep 27, '11 9:24 PM EST

    starting a blog is part masochism and part regimented meditation. great blogs have a kind of implicit compact - if the content's good, there's an obligation to participate in the conversation.


    having no idea how the former will be received, the latter's the only hope i'm bringing with me - that a genuine conversation can happen, in a way that's a little more in depth and little more expansive than the forums itself.


    what i'll be focusing on is pretty simple and crazy complex: the business behind what we all do each day. over 20 years of practice, i've worked in the following types of firms: 

    a small 5 person residential firm

    a 2 person (married) startup (we literally were drafting on top of a bed the first 3 weeks)

    a 50 person design firm

    a 15 person design studio

    a 100 person design firm

    a 4 person non-profit housing studio

    my own 7 person design studio


    which is simply to say that no firm is quite the same and none have been cut from the same cookie mold.


    at it's best, i hope this can become a forum to explore many different types of firms, interview some of the most creative minds in our field and learn how to rebuild our professional model to make it more sustainable (in all ways) heading into the coming century. hope you'll enjoy that ride too.


    now, let's get down to business....




    • looking forward to reading more Greg!

      Oct 3, 11 2:50 pm  · 

      thanks nam -

      Oct 3, 11 3:07 pm  · 

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Central to the blog is a long running interest in how we construct practices that enable and promote the kind of work we are all most interested in. From how firms are run, structured, and constructed, the main focus will be on exploring, expanding and demystifying how firms operate. I’ll be interviewing different practices – from startups to nationally recognized firms, bringing to print at least one a month. Our focus will be connecting Archinect readers with the business of practice.

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