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    jobs, jobs, jobs...

    Gregory Walker
    Feb 18, '13 1:57 PM EST

    a confluence of articles out today are worth collating and reading in sum. all, as you may have guessed from today's title, are about jobs. or employment. or 'how are we going to get people working again?'


    robert samuelson argues, yet again, that we're in a particularly stubborn situation right now. the economy is moving, just... slowly. in a nutshell, there's just not enough demand being created. 'why' is more effusive - the places we can generate demand are easier to pin down: it has to come from a mix of consumer, business and government. right now, it's a triad of paralysis: consumers are saving more (those who have jobs), while cutting back on 'non-essentials''; businesses, responding the weakening demand, are hoarding cash wherever they can and are reluctant to 'anticipate' demand. the government, which should be the spender of last resort (to jump-start demand), is... well, we all know that score. don't bet the bank on the government moving first. (although, really, who will?)


    for the jobs that are being created, we're apparently still seeing a discernible bias towards the long-term un-employed. vicious circle indeed.


    finally, i found it highly ironic that someone from the legal community is calling for newly minted law school grads to endure... low paying internships


    and on that note, have a happy monday!


    • x-jla

      holy fuck balls!  straight up protectionism!  My sis passed the bar, started a firm right away, and became the top firm in the state in less than 2 years!  All with only 10k to start with.  Fucking bastards are trying to turn law into a shitty profession like architecture now.

      Feb 18, 13 4:55 pm  · 

      i'll say that the way they're describing the internships certainly won't address their primary concerns....

      Feb 18, 13 4:57 pm  · 

      Soon all employees will be interns forever...You will need a license to work at target, and have to intern for them for the first 3 years for 3$ an hour lol.  I can just hear it now...."target workers can create a danger to the public if they are not experianced.  Boxes and other heavy objects may fall on someones head or even an infant."  The sheeple will of course embrace this "change" and the media will start covering stories of the dangers of the big box stores....The headlines will read "Big Box Store or Gauntlet of Death"

      Feb 18, 13 5:03 pm  · 

      Their primary concern is limiting competition and getting to pay people shit wages, so yeah it would address that.

      Feb 18, 13 5:06 pm  · 

      So intern architects everywhere are saying scrap the IDP system and let us get licensed right out of school like lawyers. And lawyers are saying we need to create a system similar to IDP. Interesting to say the least. 

      Feb 19, 13 12:08 am  · 
      vado retro

      the ability to be licensed out of school (which by the way i think is a fine idea) doesn't mean that clients will hire you. any client with half a brain is going to look at the experience level of the architect they will be hiring. they may or may not hire you depending on things like experience, talent, personality, fees etc. now a person sitting in jail may not be as thorough in vetting their legal representation. but, then again if they lose their trial due to incompetent representation they can always appeal their case. the client may be stuck with a budget breaking carbuncle.

      Feb 19, 13 11:29 am  · 

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