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    ultraviolet (light my way)....

    Gregory Walker
    Nov 1, '11 10:20 PM EST


    it seems like this week will be a string of never-ending proposals, but since the show must go on....


    i found the coincidence today of the 20th anniversary "re-release" of u2's achtung baby (containing its idiosyncratic delight that is 'ultraviolet') with this story in about a laid off hvac contractor striking out in a new a career as the inventor of the koozielight just, well, too illuminating to pass up...


    enjoy - especially with a lager. 


    • mdler

      Im just going to say that the Achtung Baby literally changed my life. It is (and will always be) the most important album to me. I listened to it last night and it is as good today as it was 20 years ago


      Nov 2, 11 1:21 am  · 

      Yeah, Ultraviolet is damn irresistible.  Achtung Baby captured a moment for real, didn't it?

      Nov 7, 11 10:20 am  · 

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