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    wrapping up some presents early...

    Gregory Walker
    Dec 10, '12 12:52 AM EST

    it's going to be a full sprint through the beginning of the next year, so finding time to develop any of the topics on my list is....well....going to be impossible. but there's some loose ends, throughout the year, that i'd like toss out for your holiday reading pleasure:


    for those of you interested in the fiscal cliff (or curb. or speed bump), one of the central questions is: how do we balance increased revenues and spending cuts? we can't cut infrastructure (it's killing our long term competitiveness) and entitlements are still the third rail. is this plan really the best way forward? or should we just drive off the cliff?


    karl and bill share how to double your salary and companies growth. 


    chris dixon has been a revelation to me the past year. he's also impressed the founders of silicon valley's andreessen horowitz  who've brought him on as a partner. get acquainted with his writings by looking at 'agency' problems (talking about what happens when an individual's goals increasingly diverge from their companies) and his take on the product lens. (his thoughts on buying talent may be essential reading for those of you wondering about how to create your brand 'you')


    i'm reminded every day: never, ever confuse user engagement with user experience. one may be compelled (you have to go the dmv to renew your license), one you WANT to do. user experience wins every time...


    why hasn't andreas gursky shot the insides of an amazon warehouse yet?


    and finally, let's talk about fashion. specifically podiatric fashion. first, there was a wonderful narrative written this fall about the near orgasmic experience one author had upon opening richard rogers sock drawer. which got us to thinking: what is it with architects and feet? rem koolhaas' nephew (of the same name) has his line with united nude. zaha's done shoes for melissa (of brazil). jasper morrison and jaime hayon have done shoes for camper. phillippe starck and puma. doshi levin and john lobbmarc newson and hella jongerius for nike. knoll recently partnered up with vans. pantone with seavees. and you know you're onto a trend when (the recently deceased) oscar nieymeyer's pimped out converse's iconic chuck taylors. what's next? glenn murcutt for birkenstock? peter zumthor for gucci? gehry for adidas?


    have a good holiday season and coming year...

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