Beomkyu Kim

Beomkyu Kim

Brooklyn, NY, US


233 Main St., Sharon Springs

_2016 - Present
_DJH Architecture, NY
_Responsibility: DD, CD

Key Word


Sharon springs, a village in upstate New York, has been well known for its thermal bath where people stay for healing and recovering stability of their physical, mental condition. 

The client wants to convert these historic building into a modern spa resort and hotel to fulfill needs of current trend. There is only a small portion of extension to the laundry building (now locker and massage room) with sulfur thermal baths inside and pools outside.

Guests might enjoy view to the natural stream from wood deck outside between spa and hotel, where there will be a cafe and restaurant built in the future. 

The project promises not only to restore traditional use of buildings in the aspect of history but also to improve architectural value in design, function, and aesthetics.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Sharon Springs, NY, US
My Role: DD, CD
Additional Credits: DJH Architecture