Louisville, KY, US


LUX - Lexington Urban eXchange

Economic engines are created at the urban scale, and making any city a more desirable place to live, work, and/or visit attracts business of every sector.  Working in conjunction with Lexington's Downtown Development Authority, these were some of our suggestions to revitalize this long neglected district:

1) Between S. Broadway, Versailles Rd., Rupp Arena, and the Red Mile (a Harness and Quarter Horse racetrack) develop a mixed-use district that unifies the cultural ingredients around the Newtown Pike extension.

2) Build a tripartite pedestrian bridge that connects the UK campus from Scott Ave. to the development around the southeast end of the Red Mile, and over the railroad tracks to the new mixed use zone mentioned above.  On any given day people can be seen walking down the railroad tracks to make that crossing.

3) Within the mixed-use development zone build a pedestrian promenade that will connect the foot-traffic from the Red Mile development area to the Rupp Arena area.  This promenade can serve as and/or augment a new Arts and Entertainment District.

4) Give people an alternative to driving by taking advantage of the existing railroad infrastructure to bring light-rail into Lexington.  There is room on the rail line near the Red Mile for a passenger station.  Thousands of people would be able to move in and out of the district efficiently especially on race-days, and UK Basketball game days for which the 23,500 seat Rupp Arena is almost always filled to capacity. 

5) At the State and Federal levels, take advantage of federal funding for high-speed rail to connect Lexington and Louisville with other major cities in the region, and connect the light-rail system to the high-speed rail system to create a mass-transit network within Kentucky.

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Status: School Project
Location: University of Kentucky COD Studio - Spring 2010
Additional Credits: Team Project
Studio Professor: David Mohney
TA: Brandi Berryman