Louisville, KY, US


Around the Wormhole


These suspended light drawings were created in SCI-Arc's Synchronous Dissection Workshop, which coupled synchronous robotics with advanced animation techniques, exploring new analytical and representational possibilities.  Using the in-house robots we dynamically disassembled and re-assembled a set of panels through methods of synchronous robotic movement, which the team configured to create an overall composition.  Each panel was attached to a separate robot, and had light-emitting diodes (LED) attached near each corner.  A DSLR camera was attached to another robotic arm, which was configured to follow a motion path around the composition.  As the panels followed their synchronous motion paths the camera captured a series of long-exposure images of the LED paths.  The result is a drawing reminiscent of a bullet time light drawing, however instead of being constrained to the perspective of a bullet time camera rig this method has the ability to view the composition from any perspective within reach of the robot.

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Status: School Project
Location: SCI-Arc Robot House - Summer 2012
Additional Credits: In collaboration with Mehrzad Raffei, Somayye Ramezani, Peter Vikar
Instructors: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto