Ari Anderson

Ari Anderson

Seattle, WA, US

Competition Entry - Photoshop + SketchUp
Competition Entry - Photoshop + SketchUp

[En]construcción - [AC-CA] Buenos Aires

[AC-CA] Buenos Aires
Summer 2012

We began with the cranes which surround the site. By exploring what new shapes could be created from recomposing the cranes’ structural components, we began to imagine these new shapes as clouds which would hang throughout the building.   Once we had created 6 of these shapes, we randomly distributed the pieces around the volume of the museum.  The museum was then created around these new shapes, which create openings between floors and act as objects of interest which would draw a visitor through the museum.

The first floor is reception, administration, and a changing gallery, and the second floor holds the permanent galleries.  The sculpture garden is on the roof.  The walls are slightly transparent to both let in light and reveal the structure of the building, and the museum is lifted up off the ground to preserve access to the waterfront and create a public space.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buenos Aires, AR
My Role: Designer/Collaborator
Additional Credits: Peter Atwood & Gabriela Baierle: