Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


S House

Urban Housing in New York has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, but often many projects have been glued to formulas of economic efficiency.  As a metropolitan area that houses sixteen million inhabitants in the total area of 469 sq mi, the need for a different formula has been needed for sometime. In attempts to reconstruct the underlining method of urban housing five manifestations were declared.
1.  Architecture is not lifeless; it is organic and therefore must     breath.
2.  Architecture in an urban context must be woven together with site in order to formulate a chemical bond between public and private.
3.  Architecture must have the ability to adapt and change; we must plan for the effects of today and of the future.
4.  Architecture should conflict and emotional response as one moves through a spatial realm
5.  Ornamentation is no longer a crime, it can enhance the rudimentary form of architecture, and therefore less is not always more. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Additional Credits: Professor: Lonn Combs