Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


Plot 1 Hongqiao Green Valley Office Park

The concept of Hongqiao Green Valley creates a flow of positive energy between the water and the mountains (Feng Shui). The buildings mass cascades down from the height limit of 38M along Shen Wu Lu, down to +17.5M along the canal road, Shen Bin Lu. Three Head quarter office buildings are grouped and distributed along the Shen Bin Lu.  Four Grade 1 office blocks are grouped and distributed along the east side of the site, Shen Wu Lu. Retail at ground level faces the interior courtyard spaces. The sunken courtyard creates an active shopping street, connecting both parts of the site together underneath Xi Hong Lu. To encourage connectivity between adjacent sites, a pedestrian tunnel link is proposed to connect the sunken courtyard with a potential future metro station to the south. The ‘Jewel in the Garden’ that prominently rises out of the water pond in the sunken courtyard level will be programmed with cultural events, small theatre and art gallery / exhibition hall. With its proximity adjacent to the canal waterway, Plot 1 becomes a suitable candidate for River Water Cooling. River water is used as a refrigerant to cool the buildings during the summer months, greatly reducing energy consumption.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: In joining the team during the conceptual design phase I was put in charge of graphic design, diagrams and presentation organization.
Additional Credits: Office: SPARCH, Shanghai
Director: John Curran
Client: Vanke, Shanghai
Team: Gabriel Briamonte, Andrius Edgargez, Adrian Lo