Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


Nanjing Hunan Road Plot 4&5 Development

Using “one bold stroke” the concept of Nanjing Hunan Road Plot was derived to mimic the twisting and turning rise of the Chinese dragon. Situated in the heart of Nanjing, Hunan Road has become a main artery connecting major streets with retail, finance, catering, cultural entertainment and tourism.  Being already in the epicenter of Nanjing  it was important to provide a bold design, be sensitive to the exisiting conditions and not to over-congest vehicular traffic flow. The mixed-use development consists of commercial space in the podium with offices, hotels and residential units in the towers, providing the best views of the city. Strucurally, the main tower is composed of a central core with external mega-braced frame that are bound together with belt trusses and out riggers at every refuge floor.  This unique structure is characterized as a “tube-in-tube”.  

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Nanjing, CN
My Role: In this project I was an essential part of the conceptual design phase. To realize the concept I was put in charge of 3d modeling, graphic analysis, and presentation organization.
Additional Credits: Office: Aedas Architects, Shanghai
Design Director: Andy Wen
Client:Jiangsu Suning Real Estate
Team: Larry Wen, Kevin Yu, Anthony Ruan, Jessica Cao, Adrian Lo