Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


Prefab Housing: Ritual Flux

Design Studio 403 - Prefab China

Ritual flux reflects the synthetic nature of ideas, technology, and the reciprocal relationship between the body and the built environment. The anatomy of any domestic terrain requires an engrained flexibility to sustain a broad spectrum of generic processes shared by all human, while maintaining certain cultural or regional specifics.

The ritual is seen as a rhythmic performance which fluctuates between states of habit and conscious decisions and the "unexpected". Through the cohesion of daily, monthly and yearly rituals, performance can begin to co-exist, creating hybridized zones of opportunity where architecture begins to fuse.  When the rhythm of ones daily life abruptly alters due to the "unexpected", changes become inflicted upon the domestic terrain to customize to the new performances that the architecture must address.

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Status: School Project
Location: N/A
Additional Credits: Professor: Evan Douglas
Team: Peter Van Hage and Adrian Lo