Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum

In further developement of the Gyeonggo-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum,  our primary focus was to continue the exploration of the of the musuem’s interior. The two major elements which we studied were the striated light wells and the internal viewing pods. Because of the dynamically torqued and oblique movements of these chambers it was critical to begin to think and test certain design details. Our experimentation involved studying the effects of the vertical louver striation in relation to th e amount of light that would enter into the museum space. Through a sequence of various louvers density, profiles and thinkness we were able to find the right combination that allowed enough light to enter the museum while retaining an enigmatic and seductive space.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Gyeongju, KR
My Role: In this project much of my time was devoted to experimenting with various combination of striation for the light chamber while also developing the viewing pod. In solidifying these tests a rigirous 3D model was built in Rhino to help understand their ef
Additional Credits: Office: Easton + Combs Architects
Principles: Rona Easton + Lonn Combs
Event: Young Architects Forum 2008 RESONANCE
Team:Vicky Chan, Pete Van Hage and Adrian Lo