Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

New York, NY, US


Media Scape

In the 21st century, the age of technological advances, there is no question that our ability to access knowledge has broadened with the use of computers and the internet.  Today many people have the ability to enlighten one’s self, without leaving their homes, by searching on the world wide web.  Although this phenomenon has been for the greater good it has potentially initiated a decrease in the usage of the public library. 

Media Scape faces the challenge to defer the idea that libraries are becoming obsolete and that historic institutes such as the NY Public Library on 42nd can remain as a predominant source of knowledge in an ever fast and constantly changing world.  

Media Scape is an elongated buildings system located under the New York Public Library.  The system acts an urban tissue, allowing pedestrians a way of connecting from Fifth Avenue to Bryant Park.  The building system is comprised of three components, the ceiling system, floor system and eco system.  These systems are created to be design responsive, producing flexible and adaptive environments, capable of adjusting to shifting needs, interest and programmatic desires. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: Professor: Chris Perry and Michael Su
Team: Peter Van Hage and Adrian Lo