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The idea of creating an Oasis Bridge made as an agrupacion of solar cells following the geometry of the Perovskite solar cells, to conect both sides of the context, growing as a green micro city inside the city, that protects the pedestrians of the heat and gives them an Oasis as a public space, an intelligent park that refresh the city creating more oxigen and a micro climate as the vegetation. Using the structure to receive the solar energy and using it as well to generate an Inteligent park that creates more pure oxigen, through an artificial Photosynthesis.

MICRO to MACRO architecture which followrs each other with the same structure but adapted to the human scale, being able to generate a program which generate the RE use of the new generated enery by it, creating a self standing platform, a micro city inside the self suffucient city of Masdar, understanding the importance of creting new architecture that is productive and bio active, an architecture which is not passibe but RECEPTIVE and PROactive, an architecture which has been able to understand the circunstances of the functionality.

The Perovskite Bridge becomes a natural machine of energy, an intelligent park for the city  and a landmark of cultural exchange through a program  focused in sustainable energy, culture and respect for the  future of the culture.

The capacity that the  modulation and repetition of a new three dimensional structure permits taking account  the sustainable aptitudes the triangles have in aerodynamics for the air forces and perfect reception of the sun energy.

The easy modulation for construction and solar capture will increase potencially to develop a richer program in the context of Masdar, the sustainable city of the dessert.

The solar panels will receive the maximum solar energy as the latitude and the angle of the panels situated all along the facades following the Pervoskite 3D Geometry for the structure,with an  inclination is most optimal to gain the maximum output from solar energy.

After the open access leaning over the front´s border access to the area, starts to appear curve modular groupings alternately between the main structure, creating a continuous circulation bounding the Perovskite Bridge perimeter, developing inside different types of spaces adapted to the kind of programs which forms secondary circulations that generate diagonal views and reflections due to the materiality and geometry distribution following the main structure.

It generates an active and consumist tour as in a large shopping center generating activity and taking advantage of its great impact on the place as a milestone reference of sustainability, being activated for his functionality as an INTELIGENT PARK, AN OASIS WITHIN THE DESERTIC CITY OF MASDAR.

The set´s shape is a combination of three-dimensional structure modular grouped along the main axis sequentially that PEROVSKITE STRUCURE HAS, serving as the reference to receive the maximum solar energy. As well as his functionally, the aerodynamic form adapted to the winds generates a whole entity project that is adaptable to the context of the sustainable city of Masdar.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Masdar City
My Role: Project Architect