Santa Monica, CA, US


Pier in Huntington Beach, California

Constructive Section of my Thesis Project, A Pier in Huntington Beach, California. 

This Section is the Aquarium Area on the Pier and The Surf Museum is lightened Projected at the end. 

(AutoCad Drawing).

In Huntington Beach waves grow faster around areas like the Pier which is the only large structure along this stretch of beach. The piles work to stabilize the sand and create the most consistent sandbars in the area. From the Ocean it becomes a volume that creates currents producing waves. Because of their location and the existence of semi-permanent and stable sand banks, creating waves to surf is the perfect spot for a surf contest and a program linked to sports and sustainability. The idea of street closed at one end the traditional Piers have, to walk over the Ocean from the City, and comes back to the city in one way, will be smoother with the presence of new program along the Pier where the circulation opens to the ocean and leads to different words like the Aquarium, Surf Museum, Skate and Surf schools, greenhouse and restaurants.

Micropiles and pile caps: with the base of the firm level at -59 ft. below sea level, the only possible foundation is through micropiles and pile caps that group them, providing the basis to support the mega structure of the pier over the ocean based on ball joints and pillars. 

The construction of the Piers in California coast with the usage of micropile casing generally has a diameter in the range of 3 to 10 inches. The casing is advanced to the design depth using a drilling technique. Reinforcing steel, typically an all-thread bar, is inserted into the micropile casing. High-strength cement grout is then pumped into the casing. The ca- sing may extend to the full depth or end above the bond zone with the reinforcing bar extending to the full depth. The finished micropile (mini pile) resists compressive, uplift/tension, and lateral loads. The Apple Store Stair ́s type made in crystal pieces is adapted perfectly to this type of three dimensional structure. His subtlety, adaptability and transparency permits the continuity and free floor inside ́ 's perspective, maintaining the idea of the project and avoiding generating other substructure for vertical circulations.

System of curtain wall allows adapting to the folds generated by the main structure and at the same time gain amplitude due to its placement grabbing the edges of each floor, providing continuity towards the exterior for a greater reception of solar light, throughout the day providing transparency and sustainability, to better performance and resistance. 

Will be used alternatively in fish tanks to generate a variety of textures with light received during the day.

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Status: School Project
Location: Huntington Beach, CA, US

Video of the creative process.