Rosi Rawson

Rosi Rawson

Norwalk, CT, US


Magic Johnson Sports

Magic Johnson Sports at LAX will bring the excitement of sports to the traveling public with this varied sports store. A sleek back lit yellow glass storefront features a 3-D basketball graphic, a corner opening invites the public inside. Large flowing scripted letters make up the storefront signage, a large scale graphic of Magic is just inside. A wood floor emulating a basketball court sets the tone, floor fixtures expand the product mix of Lakers, Dodgers, Rams and College team memorabilia.

The perimeter cabinets feature large scale graphics behind recessed standards, surrounded by curved black frames. Bright purples and yellow colors are the predominant theme throughout the space.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Lead Designer, Client Liason
Additional Credits: The Hudson Group