Rosi Rawson

Rosi Rawson

Norwalk, CT, US


Fiorello Market

This client was dedicated to building high performance sustainable design into this store at the new Delta Terminal at LGA. To reduce energy consumption we specified LED light fixtures and Energy Star appliances. Our storefront signage utilized LED lighting. We select sustainable sources to manage our material use, such as using recycled-content building materials. Some examples we employed were drywall, aluminum trim,  ceiling tiles, aluminum storefronts, recycled glass tile, FSC certified wood flooring and select furniture.

By using durable materials for our flooring and countertops we maximize the materials’ useful life and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. We are dedicated to reducing pollution sources by using non-toxic paints and adhesives.

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Status: Built
Location: LaGuardia airport Delta Terminal
My Role: Lead designer, architect of record, Client Liason
Additional Credits: Stellar Group