Frank Farzan Kholousi AIA, NCARB

Frank Farzan Kholousi AIA, NCARB

Dallas,TX., US


Joe James Salon and Day Spa Retail Space

Joe James Salon and Day Spa is a 2,729 square foot retail space in Park Legado shopping center, in Odessa, Texas.

My job as an Architect and Space Designer was to allow the patron experience a beautiful and functional place with artistic emotions and comfort overlay.

The physical space was just one experience out of many artistic & emotional expressions. Working hand in hand with interior Designer (James Van Stavern) contribution to color and material selection, the experience allows the boundaries of Art and Architecture to collide as an abstraction-unity in the flowing space. We achieved  this while staying with the limited budget allocated to the project. 

High ceilings at 18’ in main areas allowed the space to expand into perpetuity without end; textured surfaces in different flavor entice patron participation in act of feeling being inside a painting. Opposite of an Art Gallery where walls allow the painting to dominate, here the high walls became the architectural canvas of painted space in the retail store. 

An exciting retail theme for an expressive service oriented retail.

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Status: Built
Location: Odessa, TX, US
My Role: Architecture of record / Space Designer/Interior architecture
Additional Credits: James Van Stavern Interior, for color selection/coordination.