Frank Farzan Kholousi AIA, NCARB

Frank Farzan Kholousi AIA, NCARB

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Chris Davidson Opportunity Park

 When life gives you make lemonade. That's exactly what one Midland family did when their son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. The Davidson Family created a park where any kid despite their ability or disability could play. Now 27 years later, the family back at it again in the Tall City.

Soon, all children of all abilities will soon be able to play together at a new Chris Davidson Opportunity Park in Midland.

"There's also going to be things for autistic children and those have sound or visual problems.  There's going to be a music station that kids can go and play different instruments," says Jan Davidson, Chris Davidson's Mother and Co-Creator of the Park.

27 years ago, Jan and Steve Davidson's son Chris was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

"I said 'what's your day like today?' and he said well I'm going to build you a park. And, I was like, 'what?'," explains Jan.

On his own, Steve got the land donated and raised $650,000 for Midland's first opportunity park; one of three in the United States at the time.

"So with the first park we wanted to say, lets create an environment where kids and their families and non-disabled people and siblings can play together," says Steve Davidson, Chris Davdison's Father and Co-Creator of the Park.

Now, the couple back at the drawing board again and raising the funds to build a new opportunity park at the Bush Tennis Center.

With an emphasis on inclusion, this new play area will bridge the gap between kids with disabilities and kids without to swing, zip-line and laugh together!


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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Midland, TX, US
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Bill Parson Project Manger,
Wayfair: Outdoor Children Play Equipment