Christian Lahoude Studio

Christian Lahoude Studio

New York, NY


Sam Edelman - Macy's Herald Square

Christian Lahoude Studio created a new shop-in-shop design concept for lifestyle brand Sam Edelman that draws on the American designer’s fascination with the timeless sport of equestrianism. The dynamics of the retail experience are defined by the graceful movements of the horse through a field of hay, and the circular motions they create by running and jumping in their natural environment. The team translated this motif into a modern design through a series of circular displays, in varying heights, that surround  and define the shop. To further the effect, translucent, glowing glass rods lined with LED lighting rise and fall, along with green discs that are suspended from a golden, grass-like structure. The bases of the shelves are strong, reed-colored cylinders.

In the center of the space is a “golden triangle” consisting of seating, product, and a mirror. The seating is made up of tufted poufs in a grass green color, three of which repeat the triangle effect. Original signage is presented on three circular fixtures that are stacked vertically. The top circle consists of clear glass laminated with the unique, custom pattern of the brand logo. The middle circle displays the most recent advertising campaign and the bottom circle is a mirror to be used by customers when they try on shoes. This contrast mimics horse stables, where transparency and opacity play important roles in the composition of the structures. The overall effect refined, relaxed and inviting.

Debuting at Macy’s Herald Square, the flagship location of the iconic department store chain, the new concept will be rolled out in San Francisco and Miami in the coming months.  

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: Photos by Edward Caruso