Christian Lahoude Studio

Christian Lahoude Studio

New York, NY


Harrys of London Jeddah Boulevard

Designed using the new concept developed by Christian Lahoude Studio, the Harrys of London at Jeddah Boulevard elevates the brand’s vision steeped in its British heritage. Inspired by London’s historical Gentlemen’s Clubs and Mayfair Hotels with wood moldings and wainscoting, the concept takes the architectural language of the traditional British Library into the world of Harrys.

The Studio’s main objective was to balance a respect for tradition while embracing the future, blending timeless style, innovation and new technology. The modular design of the store is based on the Harrys shoebox, with stacked boxes to brand the company throughout the space. The herringbone pattern in the back of the displays is washed with a light to highlight the silhouette of the product. Herringbone also appears in the wood flooring in a smoke-fumed, oiled finish, as well as in the metal mesh, acting as screens throughout the space.

Frosted mirrors used on the sides of wall fixtures pick up the various colors of the merchandise, creating a soft glow of light. The brand’s iconic Heron logo is etched on mirror, symbolizing British wit. Floating cubes help to bring a focus to the product in the windows and provide a lightweight effect, inspired by the comfort of Harrys’ unique soles. 

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Status: Built
Location: Jeddah, SA