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Christian Lahoude Studio

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Trendy Chinese ladies’ footwear and handbag brand #MONtoSUN sought out #ChristianLahoudeStudio to conceive a young and fresh, #Instagrammable store concept to appeal to the modern #millennial woman. MONtoSUN encourages every woman to create her ideal daily life, her #fantasy.

Located in Shenzen, China, the inspiration for the first store of the new brand concept was a personalized woman’s closet that represents the multi-faceted lives of women from #worktoplay. The Studio conceived different zones within the 85 square-meter store that correspond to woman's shoe, handbag, and accessories needs, from Casual to Dressy, for Monday through Sunday. Each zone is created via a portal of gold arches with visible LED lines, each containing a specific day’s theme. Within the portal, the display design functions as the shopper’s closet. She can choose any product that she pleases and use the adjacent mirror to try her selections out, as though she’s in the comfort of her own home.

While frosted mirrors make up the majority of the physical materials, the overall presence of the space is pink with directional gold lines and neutral accents. Feminine shapes and symmetrical lines rise and fall throughout the circular motif of the store. A fluid flow is generated by these circular forms which are found in all environmental elements, from the arcing display shelves to the spherical fixture details. 

The center feature in the store highlights the season’s best selling collection. The display is backlit with a dichroic (multi-color) surface that symbolizes the days of the week. Frosted mirrors give the space its inner glow.

Seating and displays are designed in shades of pink with mint green nuances. This emphasizes the store’s overall feminine look and feel. A soft field of green reflections is interrupted by touches of color and shimmer where the decorative and functional fuse together. The result is a dynamic store environment that enables MONtoSUN to elevate their brand.

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Status: Built
Location: Shenzhen, CN
Additional Credits: Christian Lahoude - Lead Designer
Thiru Manickam - Project Manager

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