Christian Lahoude Studio

Christian Lahoude Studio

New York, NY


Aishti Art People

Located in Beirut’s recently opened Aïshti by the Sea shopping complex, the Art People Restaurant is a visually arresting space that marries art with design as a glamorous backdrop for an exceptional dining experience.

Occupying 200 square meters, the restaurant’s focal point is a full-height bar featuring gold mesh and backlit onyx. Travertine was used for the floors and accents on the walls. The concrete walls complement the gold metal, mesh and travertine and their clean lines create the perfect setting for the stunning artwork.

Gold screens are placed in intervals along the floor-to-ceiling windows creating a shadow while still permitting a view of the sea, as well as in the entry to separate the restaurant from the rest of the shopping mall. The overall effect is elegant and stylish.

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
Firm Role: Design Director
Additional Credits: Karolina Wierzbinska - Project Manager