Christian Lahoude Studio

Christian Lahoude Studio

New York, NY


Bond Collective Bushwick

The unique staircase, which is the driving design element throughout, connects the various programs of the building, augmenting the user experience with multiple feature elements. Using a soft green and pink palette, and by juxtaposing the old brick structure with modern design and materials, we developed a unique work experience where you feel at home at work. Layering beautiful, sleek materials with old, rough textures allow to intersect the old with the new and create a gritty glam.

Generally, "coworking" has taken on a connotation that bores our client. The main objective was to create a shared workspace that elevates the day-to-day experience of the customer beyond the millennial-pandering aesthetics of traditional coworking yet maintained a very specific program. Our fresh take on shared office space aims to change the way the customer feels about going to work, to give them a space to be proud of, that shows them in the best light. In addition, we wanted to create a calming and inspiring space for productivity, or as we like to call it, “work oasis", without sacrificing the refined sensibility of the brand or the functionality of an office. Our design embodies the balance of work and play, not by offering a foosball table or gum-ball machines, but with pastel tones, comforting textures and a playful sensibility combined with sleek, professional finishes. 

Originally three different structures, the now 35,000 square foot coworking complex combines new and old. The program challenged us to create impeccable design features within the required ratio of public and private spaces to create an heir of hospitality. Functionality was extremely important to the finishes as well as the programming and this was achieved by creating a layout that promotes a flow to one's workday by offering a variety of environments to accommodate different work styles.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, United States