Anna Kampouri

Anna Kampouri

New York, NY, US


Restoration of a Historic Building

The project is a two storey building in Morihovou Square in Thessaloniki, Greece. The area is called Ladadika and it consists of buildings that were built in the beginning of the 20th century and are considered as historic heritage.
The aim of the project was to restore the building and reuse it in the contemporary context of the modern city.
My basic objective was to create an active space for the city by keeping its historic value at the same time.Each floor is around 250 m2. Only the south and the east walls have openings. Both these sides have also two doors each. The building was used as a storage for oil products in the beginning of the century but today it is abandoned. 

Therefore, its condition nowadays is quite poor. Some of the window and door frames are missing and have just aluminum covers. The walls are mainly constructed of red brick and stone on the first floor. The original masonry is damaged in many places and many of the bricks are missing. The roof is made of wooden deck with ceramic tiles that are also in a poor condition.
I believe that the building can be respectfully preserved and reused as a community center with rooms for conventions,a library, an exhibition hall, offices and cafes.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Thessaloníki, GR