Anna Kampouri

Anna Kampouri

New York, NY, US



Redesigning the “Elia Square" and surrounding area in Veria, Greece

The main objective of this project was to create a place for walk and relaxation within the urban environment. A green park was created in the center of the town. A combination of planted areas and paved paths resulted in a pleasant open space where people could escape and be closer to nature. 

The site where the square lays is the most central and popular part of the town. Three of the main roads meet there, creating a crowded area. In addition, most of the restaurants, bars and coffee shops in town are nearby, making this area the most popular among the locals.

The site has a big elevation difference between the east and west road that surround it. Therefore, I propose  a bridge to connect the two levels. Moreover, one big part of the square consists of inclined green areas. In my design the main part of the square is surrounded by grass and in the middle there is an open paved space that could be used for walking and community events.The lines of the paths in this design follow the lines of the streets that surround the square, so  the new park becomes a part of the urban environment.

I introduce water as an important element of the new park as well. Straight and curved lines that define the green areas and the paths, are often accompanied by water areas.
The east and west street are connected with stairs in many spots around the square, as well as with the airlift which in the same time creates another chance for an interesting walk above the area.The main idea of my design is to alternate the planted areas with the paths for walking. This way a pleasant surrounding is created and visitors have the opportunity to walk among trees and ornamental plants and isolate themselves from the city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Véria, GR