Anna Kampouri

Anna Kampouri

New York, NY, US



The aim of this project is to design a bedroom in a loft apartment that includes a study space, a closet and other furniture for storage. The big square shape of the room gave me a lot of options in creating comfortable areas and make the circulation easy. The space under the wide openings was used as a sitting area on one wall and as a study area on the other wall. This way the light can be leveraged in these two areas. 
I designed the furniture by using simple and straight lines. This design is more flexible and can be adjusted in different styles and preferences.

The main materials I suggest are wood and colored transparent plastic. This gives the opportunity to have different variations depending on the client’s preference. In the renderings I show the walls colored in light pink and the plastic of the furniture is in brighter pink or orange and is also transparent. Different variations of the color in plastic and its transparency as well as in the color of the walls could totally change the character of the room.

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Status: Built
Location: Veria, Greece
My Role: Design, Autocad Drawings, Renderings