Anna Kampouri

Anna Kampouri

New York, NY, US




The philosophical work of Kierkegaard focuses on the emotions and feelings of individuals when faced with life choices. He said that becoming aware of our true self is our true task and endeavor in life. He also approached the term of subjectivity with various examples as something that is personal to an individual. Referring to subjectivity he mentioned the point of having tasks in life and how individuals try to reach their tasks. But he also said that this trial should be made with the sense of logic. This is because when someone overdoes there is a great danger of missing the importance of  a goal by reaching it too early. He said “To be finished with life before life is finished with the one is not to finish the task at all.” So someone should have goals and tasks to achieve in their lives and approach these on their own subjective way. But at the same time they should always be critical and keep a balance between the nature and  importance of the goal and the effort they should put in.

The balance between the task itself and the effort to achieve it, could be “translated” in architectural language. Two floating objects that connect should have a support point in between them. 

So, I propose to create this balance between the interior and the exterior of the building. Hence, two similar platforms are created, floating in the same hight but not having the exact same shape. These areas are going to be connected through the windows so as to give the impression that the wall is their supporting point. Thus, the concept is shown by having the building act as the balancing point for the floating platforms.

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Status: School Project
Location: Copenhagen, DK