Anna Kampouri

Anna Kampouri

New York, NY, US




Designing the urban environment may lead to an interesting way of dealing with everyday life functions. The commute within the city includes the interaction with the spot where the waiting for the bus takes place: the bus stop. A bus stop is a piece of urban furniture. The equipment that citizens use in everyday life could be carefully designed and could also be “little pieces of art.”   



The goal of this project is to propose an object to be used as a bus stop for the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. The new bus stop should be a mass-produced object that will be placed all around the city.
My suggestion is to create an opposition between the old and the new. As Thessaloniki is a historic city with numerous historic monuments, I would like to propose a new bus stop the design of which would indicate the modern way of living. Therefore, I step away of the simple design of a bus stop. I want to use straight lines that interact with each other.

I strongly believe that the contemporary way of living brings stress and makes people feel uncomfortable during the day. This is why I create two frames. The smaller one is a common rectangular which approaches the way bus stops are in the city at the present time. The external frrame consists of diagonal lines that create acute angles. At the base, the external frame is crossed with the internal. The view of the bus stop creates the feeling of instability and awe. These feelings are similar with the feelings that the modern way of life creates.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Thessaloníki, GR