1100 Architect

1100 Architect

New York, NY | Frankfurt am Main, DE


Corporate Office

The design of this office space, which occupies two floors of a Manhattan high-rise, facilitates the firm’s operations and communications by arraying public spaces on the lower level and private work areas on the upper. The open plan creates a flexible and collaborative environment that encourages interaction between principals and employees. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions enclose most meeting rooms, allowing for private conversation while maintaining a sense of openness in the office.

We established a priority of designing a corporate interior that encouraged health and wellness, so this project integrates a range of strategies, including sustainable materials, active design principles, and abundant natural light, resulting in a LEED Gold Certified space. As the project entailed connection to existing operational office space, the workflow plan for construction required a thoughtful phased strategy that impacted on both the commencement and completion phases of the total scope of work.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US