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Led by 1100 Architect, the extensive renovation of the landmarked Böllenfalltor Sports Hall in Darmstadt, Germany was completed in only 7 months.

Built in 1964 and situated adjacent to the Böllenfalltor Stadium of the second division soccer club SV Darmstadt 98, the Böllenfalltor Hall has a storied history and is one of the largest event venues in Darmstadt. Until the opening of the Darmstadtium Science & Congress Center, the Böllenfalltor Hall was the city's most important venue for both music and sporting events. Since then, it serves now as an important sports and training facility for various Darmstadt schools, sports clubs, and a venue to various regional, national and international championships.

Made of prefabricated reinforced concrete, the building provides for a 92,000 SF playing field, with two six-tiered wooden seat bleachers for over 17,000 spectators, and a wood-paneled vaulted ceiling structure. The scale of this continuous ceiling vault is breathtaking, and became the most architectural component in the preservation conscious renovation of the building.

During the course of the renovation, the ceiling-integrated lighting fixtures were entirely replaced with high performance fixtures in compliance with the landmark preservation department criteria, so that the lighting quality now adheres to the high standards for sports competitions. The wood paneling had to be temporarily removed, carefully dismantled, and numbered so that it could be returned to its original location on the ceiling after the new lighting system was installed. New ventilation systems were installed along and above both long sides of the playing field to provide modern ventilation for the sports hall. The space now meets all requirements for championship sporting events.

Upgrading the fire protection, the renovation included a new connection system for an emergency generator, allowing the hall to operate as an emergency facility.

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Status: Built
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Firm Role: Architect