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    minarets, zumthor, and swiss turkeys

    Samuel Mortimer Nov 20 '09 3

    -Another review this week. Not quite the disaster of 2 weeks ago, though it was certainly an improvement. Mateo said no less two times, it was the best images I had produced all semester. He never said it was good, or that the design itself was okay-- but certainly better than what I got two weeks ago.

    -I've been watching this stuff about UC's budget cuts via the internet. I don't really know all the details, but is this 931million figure correct? If these numbers were passed on from the state, shouldn't protests be directed at the state level? It would seem like the hands of the university system are tied to generating 931million in one way or another.

    -Another political debate--- but this time on my side of the pond. In Switzerland there is a fierce battle ragging over a proposed ban on new construction of Minarets at mosques. These posters have been put up all over the city and I am sure the rest of the country as well.

    Here is the poster, it is quite scary.

    And here is the logo of the SVP (the political parties largely behind the initiative)

    My head is pounding from all the subliminal messages that just got rammed into it. More information about the controversy here.

    Themals Vals this weekend. Hoping for snow.

    Oh yes-- and buying a Thanksgiving turkey (Turten) in Zeurich is not easy. For future reference, they have frozen turkeys at Migros (the 10th place I went) but none bigger than 6.2Kg. And they still cost an arm and a leg.


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