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    nearing the end

    Samuel Mortimer Dec 12 '09 4

    4 (or is it 5?) days away from deadline now. and 10 away from a flight back to Tennessee.

    Continuing to have computer problems, but what's new. My laptop did decide to turn on today though, so I felt compelled to write something.

    As I haven't updated in a while, I'll give the quick rundown of what I have been up to.

    -Thermal Vals was AMAZING. I have always been impressed with Zumthor's chapel, but the baths felt like a whole new level. The human element and degree of engagement was something I don't think I have experienced before. Just really, really spectacular. (Plus, the breakfast buffet in the morning was really good too. Ha.)

    -Winding down my studio project. Presenting next week on Wednesday. I am a bit ahead of schedule, though I won't count my chickens before they hatch. Something always goes wrong-- so I am just waiting for the inevitable bump in the road. Hoping to plot soon and spend the next few days in model mode. (Nice alliteration.) Supplies are so expensive here to build stuff though! Going to try to use the materials I have first, but won't set that as a rule just yet. I am more or less out of money though....

    -Taking an exam in German next week? HA! So we will see how that goes. I can fill it out in English, but the text is supposed to be in German? The whole course has been in English, so I was a bit disappointed to find out that the exam was German. Oh well-- it is a German speaking school afterall.

    -My projects/ affairs in Tennessee are starting to creep back into my consciensousness and inbox. This is welcomed, but also overwhelming at the same time. I don't know how I am going to go back to sleeping less than 10 hours a night. Wait, why have I been sleeping 10 hours a night? This seems like a waste of potential swiss experiences, but I can't say I didn't appreciate getting enough sleep for the first time in 5 years.

    -As everyone already knows, the Swiss Mineret iniative passed. The percentages I saw were like 57 yes, 43 no--- which is not quite "overwhelmingly passed" as the coverage has been saying. (In my opinion at least.) While this is the law now, I would like to think that in the near future it won't be the case. History tends to [eventually] err on the side of inclusion and I would hope Switzerland is not the exception to this. That's all the big news here right now....oh, and Polanski is chillin at his chalet until further notice. That too.

    -After studio project is over my time will be spent trying to spend my vast collection of coins (over 70chf now), wrapping up paperwork with the government, trying to make all my things fit back into the two bags I brought, trying to see a few more things in Zurich I have been putting off, and relishing the last week with friends over a cheap COOP beer (because I don't have any money left.)



      Dec 12, 09 5:12 pm

      did you get a transit pass w/ school registration?

      how many of these projects have you checked out?

      and if you haven't yet, head to kerez's new school in leutschenbach (saatlenfussweg 3)

      as wwell as camenzind evolution's Cocoon HQ (seefeldstrasse 287)

      i feel you on the lack of funds. by the time i left germany after being there for a year, i had about $12 to my name. we used to go to a corner store and buy cases of locally bottled beer for about 12 euros (+ flaschenpfand) - much better than going to the local pubs, where it was 2.5+ euros for the same beer.

      do you have to unregister? fun...

      Dec 29, 09 3:14 am

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      Kao Lee
      Jan 13, 10 4:28 pm

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      Jan 22, 10 10:29 am

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