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Aug '09 - Dec '09

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    Samuel Mortimer Oct 13 '09 0

    Review #2 went well. A lot better than I was expecting actually. Main criticisms spawned from how the drawings were reading (compared to what I was saying), but that is just a consequence of rushing to complete before the pinup today.

    I am still really intrigued by the relationship we are afforded with the chair of the design studio here. It is still very foreign to me that he is only here once every two weeks. And when he is, i have never seen him coming or going, he always just descends out of the upstairs of the pavilion and then later slowly floats back up the stairs. (It is a very surreal-- not kidding.) It's like he is an angel. A Spanish one.

    Leaving for Barcelona on a night train tomorrow night. Thanks for the suggestions-- I'll post photos and sketches when I get back.

    In the meantime, enjoy this pumpkin which is currently gracing/ haunting my front stoop.image


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