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Aug '09 - Dec '09

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    Chicago eliminated/ "situation plan"/ bikes

    I have been watching the IOC selection process for the Olympics. I think it will go to Rio. (Has anyone been to Rio? I would like to go some day- not necessary for the Olympics, but I wouldn't mind that either.) Chicago was just eliminated in the first round of voting. I kind of saw that coming, personally. I think their entry was so strong it started to work against them. I can just imagine everyone voting saying something in their heads like, "Oh, I won't vote for Chicago, but I know everyone else will- so I don't feel bad about it."

    Probably not the case, but disappointing none the less. When the Olympics were in Atlanta (which is only 2 hours from where I grew up) we didn't go down to see any events, but I would have made serious considerations to go if they were in Chicago. The tickets are outrageously expensive though- all my friends that went remember telling me their parents bought really obscure, preliminary events because everything else was too expensive. I guess they have to offset the cost somehow.

    Studio related: I talked to my assistant yesterday and he said to leave my site plan like it is and keep moving forward. So that was a bit of surprise (because I received a lot of negative criticism about being perpendicular to a long, horizontal site) but I guess that is what I'll do. It is a risky move, so I will have to execute it just right for it to work. [COME ON SAMUEL, YOU CAN DO IT.]

    Going on an extended bike ride tomorrow. Finally fixed my flat tire- turns out it wasn't a flat, just someone had let all the air out of my tube. I don't have a pump here (I brought a small one, but then bought a bike with presta valves, rendering it useless. Do they make adapters?) otherwise I would have figured this out a long time ago. The weather continues to be gorgeous here, although the temperatures are beginning to slowly creep downward. Tomorrow it is 67degrees. And no, I don't know the Celsius scale yet. 30 is hot. 0 is cold.

    shameless self promotion:
    Finally updated my webpage and all the links for my trip (photos, sketches, videos, etc


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