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    In your freakin' face

    Hasselhoff Jul 23 '06 11

    So I tore myself away from Nintendo DS for a few hours to make this. I hope you like it.

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    • Mason White
      Jul 23, 06 10:15 pm

      and if you go to kyoto, def check out katsura imperial villa.

      Jul 24, 06 12:33 am

      Been there. This trip is the sequal to my first trip, now with more action, explosions, girls and nudity!

      Tim DoTim Do
      Jul 24, 06 1:34 am

      i was dissapointed to see that the girls part did not go with the nudity part. quite the contrary actually...eek.

      thanks for sharing your experiences though. it's inspiration for me to do a semester abroad in kyoto.

      Jul 24, 06 6:13 pm

      oh man, that's guffaw-inducing. I can only imagine how much fun your trip's been. Good times.

      badass japanese cookie
      Jul 25, 06 12:28 pm

      dude what are you on? can i have some of it?

      Jul 26, 06 8:02 am

      What are you talking about? Are you talking to me?

      Jul 26, 06 10:31 am

      Dude, 9 ft Masako (7-13) has the biggest hands i have ever seen in my life. In that picture they're the size of your head.

      Jul 26, 06 11:48 am

      Masako rules

      vado retro
      Jul 28, 06 1:07 am

      get some of those gurls to do the macho dance next time. give miss big hands a call...

      Jul 29, 06 11:02 am

      you need to hook up with yamamori, or give her my number. totemo oishi desu!

      Jul 29, 06 11:30 am

      Haha, she is a cutie.

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