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    Drive you MAAAAAAAD

    Hasselhoff Mar 20 '06 7

    This will probably drive some of you mad, so it's funny for me. In the hallway of Meyerson are 4 or 5 mail totes, most of which contain "the big envelope" except for one...which has a large quantity of small envelopes. It should be any day now kiddies! SWEAT! LOSE SLEEP! DON'T EAT! SUFFER!!!!!

    I had the same thing happened to me back in 2004. I happened to be in the basement of Gund Hall (GSD) when all of the totes were lined up. I was so tempted to find my letter. But a few days later I got the small envelope anyway, so bleh.



    • manamana
      Mar 20, 06 12:59 pm

      I dare you to start switching address lables around.

      Mar 20, 06 2:00 pm

      Or just take some? Hehehe

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Mar 21, 06 5:58 pm

      did you see my address? Penn is the only school I care about getting into.

      Mar 21, 06 10:28 pm

      Metamechanic: yes, I saw your address. You got rejected so hard that you just got a 3x5 card with your name on it.

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Mar 22, 06 8:53 am

      what do the other rejected get, 4 x 6's?

      Mar 22, 06 11:45 am

      They get an envelope.

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Mar 22, 06 11:59 am


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