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    FEAR and a little DOUBT

    Steve Fuchs Jul 21 '06 8

    FEAR = Failure Expected And Received

    FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

    FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real

    FEAR = Feelings Expressed Allows Relief

    FEAR = Feelings Every Alcoholic Rejects

    FEAR = Fighting Ego Against Reality

    FEAR = Forget Everything and Run

    FEAR = Forgetting Everything's All Right.

    FEAR = F--k Everything and Run!

    FEAR = Face Everything and Recover!

    FEAR = Frantic Effort to Appear Real

    FEAR = Frantic Efforts to Appear Recovered

    FEAR = Feeling Everything's Awful Real

    DOUBT = Debating on Understanding Bewildering Thought



    • Darren Hodgson
      Jul 21, 06 4:41 pm

      Hey Steve, have you heard the song FEAR by British artist Ian Brown? every line is similar to above;

      FEAR = Forget Everything And Remember


      Steve FuchsSteve Fuchs
      Jul 21, 06 5:29 pm

      Hey Darren,

      Thanks for the music recommendation. I'll check it out on OiNK later. How's the project coming with your lecturer?

      Darren Hodgson
      Jul 21, 06 5:43 pm

      The Dundee house? Currently on hold due to other commitments both on his side and mine. Hopefully it will kick off later this year, we'll just have to wait and see.

      Thanks for asking.


      Steve FuchsSteve Fuchs
      Jul 21, 06 11:33 pm

      For those of you that asked, FEAR and DOUBT refers to the second guessing that goes on during thesis. What does all this research mean? Is this really what I am passionate about? Being specific runs against the grain of my generalist tendencies. Fear and doubt creep in occasionally.

      Jul 22, 06 10:00 pm

      that's a nice definition as per initials...kudos

      Sep 21, 06 5:24 pm

      FEAR- Forging energy against reluctance

      Steve FuchsSteve Fuchs
      Sep 21, 06 5:44 pm

      Ah... excellent.
      FEAR - Formally Elastic Architecture Regurgitated


      SCI-Arc Thesis

      Sep 26, 06 1:19 am

      FEAR - Fuchs' Efforts Affect Respect

      congrats on your thesis completion, among other things!!!

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