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Aug '08 - Mar '10

  • Arch Is___ ? Sci-arc Faculty Win A.I.A. "HOT" Young Architects Awards

    Actually the way the award is worded is “talented young architects" not "hot young architects", but I bet it got your attention.

    The A.I.A. announced Oyler Wu Collaborative (Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu) and Emergent (Tom Wiscombe), as its 2010 Arch Is_ winners.

    Arch Is_ is a juried competition to select 2 talented young architects or architectural designers (or firms/collaborations) to receive a “Young Architectural Talent” award, give a lecture, and be featured in an online publication.

    The jury composed by Scott Johnson FAIA, Principal of Johnson Fain; Christopher Hawthorne, Architectural Critic for the LA Times; Brook Hodge, Independent Curator; Hitoshi Abe – Chair of the Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA.

    There is a lecture, reception and panel discussion on Monday, April 5 at 6pm at Sci-Arc.

    So ditch class or skip out of work early to fight the traffic and go. If all else fails stop by get some free food and a drink.

    And because they are young there is even a face book page too. Check it out.!/event.php?eid=103810192986023&index=1

    Links to the announcements and articles:

  • Go Vote

    Go Vote! Please go vote and just take an hour form your bussy day to be apart of something historic. go vote! t.v.


    OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Mid-terms So I had my mid-term last Friday and I have to admit that I was just happy to have something to pin-up. Let me take you back to earlier in the week when I had nothing done. Monday very unproductive as far as producing work but very informative. I had some time to...

  • You are all invited to Sci-arc’s Happy Hour known to us as Fridays @5 (@7).

    You are all invited to Sci-arc’s Happy Hour known to us as Fridays @5 (@7). As most of you all know most schools of architecture have what is called a “happy hour”. Some are once a month or twice a month but very few schools do this every week. Sci-arc has historically called...

  • LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design "Pendulum Plane" by OylerWu

    LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design "Pendulum Plane" by Oyler Wu Collaborative 6520 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles Friday, August 29th @ 7:30 pm The LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design acquired a permanent location thanks to Woodbury University on historic and very famous Hollywood...

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