Vivek Thanumalayan

Vivek Thanumalayan

Buffalo, NY, US


Reimaging Genesee Bailey Neighborhoods, Buffalo, NY

 Revitalization strategy for the Genesee-Bailey neighborhood explored the area’s historical roots for design inspiration. Throughout the process the site’s rich industrial heritage and surrounding cultural institutions were recognized. At the same time, the large number of vacant properties provides new opportunities for developing the area to fit the needs for contemporary urban lifestyle. With these findings a vibrant, diverse and walkable community that is intimately integrated with its surroundings has been envisioned.

 Urban Stitching would gradually help regain the community  its confidence as existing vacant lots  are converted to more usable assets such as green space, institutions and other amenities. Existing residents were retained and refurbished as needed. New residential typology were introduced to attract and promote growing inter racial and intergenerational community. Most notably, the Olmsted inspired Green Spine residential parkway is the defining piece that tie the residents of the area together and stiches the neighborhood with the greater Olmsted parkway System prominent in Buffalo.

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Status: School Project
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Urban designer