Vivek Thanumalayan

Vivek Thanumalayan

Buffalo, NY, US


KFUPM Golden Year Project, Dhahran, KSA

Design Brief : 
The site for the project is the the highest point on the Eastern Province of KSA. The academic building  planning serves as the new face of KFUPM in the 21st cenury, the developement emphasizes as an anchor rather than a vertical stand alone building.
Project includes a  Welcome center, College of Applied Studies , Large Class Room Building  & Ceremonial Plaza. The Project marked the golden year celebration of KFUPM. The design had to repect the existing campus designed by Caudill Rowlett Scott in the 1960’s. The design is a refelects the Universities prominent role as a key member in helping develop the region as a hub for sustainable developement in the province. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Dhahran, SA
My Role: Architect