Ying (Vera) Wei

Ying (Vera) Wei

Atlanta, GA, US


Mountain Forest Park (Phase III: Commercial Street)

Consistent Language + Vernacular Architecture

In the last phase of schematic design, the entire design team focused on the commercial street design. Locating next to the main entrance, this commercial street predefines the architectural ambiance for entire park, orients tourists’ sight towards the pagoda, and provide tourists with opportunities to purchase souvenirs. The ideal of “nature” was thus proposed to orient design development. “Nature” is not only embodied in innovation of green technology, but also in merging of  the olds and news. By exploring the symbiotic relationship among modern urban architecture, vernacular architecture, and natural environment, we implement “HUI” style in materiality and space organize through out the park.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hengyang, CN
My Role: Intern Architect: Schematic Design; Site Development; Construction Document; Renderings; Presentation Drawings
Additional Credits: Lei Yuan, Mizi Wang, Yujing Jiao

Inside Commercial Street
Inside Commercial Street