Ying (Vera) Wei

Ying (Vera) Wei

Atlanta, GA, US


Economy Apartment Design

Consistent Language + Vernacular Architecture

Confronting various kinds of challenges everyday, metropolitans seem to excepts a intimate relationship with nature environment in the spare time. So as to settle natural elements into interiors space, this home design purpose to make the best use of natural materials and create interior spaces with the original characteristic. This kind of simple feeling reflected in the interior space disposal and furnishing design, which combine Chinese style furniture with a unique use of vintage and modern pieces, creating a modern and comfortable living space. The entrance hallway, with terrazzo encaustic floor tiles, creating a delayed reveal and impactful first impression. Walking directly into the living room, the streamlined carpet and stone shaped tea table can integrate natural setting into the interior space. Besides, in order to create a dynamic place with natural light, the wall between the kitchen and dining room was replaced by a wooden grating. Moreover, bedroom got its respective privacy as well as the successful use of wood color, while one of the reception rooms was defined as the teahouse for people relaxing or reading after a stressful day.

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Status: School Project
Location: Wuhan, CN
My Role: Individual Project

Living Room
Living Room