Studio Hillier

Studio Hillier

Princeton, NJ


Urban Trifecta

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A vintage residential neighborhood gently recedes into the malaise of disrepair, hastened by the aging of the original homeowners and the steady creep of absentee landlords; fractured sidewalks and tangled utility lines choke the life from the fabled streets.  The residue of shops and restaurants that retreated a decade ago amounts to vacant buildings that paint the daylight dark. It is said that Architects are attracted to old garages and warehouses like moths to a flame. In this case, the warehouse /garage was one third of the property; the remaining two thirds included two domestic –turned-commercial structures.  Just shy of the upended economy, the architect/owner seized the opportunity to restore life to the property and the street by renovating the warehouse and transforming it into a storefront architectural studio.

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Status: Built
Location: Princeton, NJ, US
Firm Role: Architect