Studio Hillier

Studio Hillier

Princeton, NJ


Quarry Street

This duplex house replaces a derelict structure on a tree lined street in the relatively dense John Witherspoon neighborhood of Princeton Borough, a short walk from Princeton University and the very active center of town.

Though a modern insertion on an architecturally eclectic street, the structure maintains the scale and rhythm of the neighborhood. The selection of the materials, in particular the polycarbonate siding, brings a sparkle and energy to the street.

Inside, each home features a story and a half living room, an elevator serving every level, and a clerestory lit central stair. Each unit has a private south facing lawn.

Outside, a white painted brick topped by polycarbonate panels sheaths one side of the duplex, while black porcelain tile with custom zinc siding covers the other unit. The residence was built in complete conformance with local zoning code.

The architect for the property is also its developer.

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Status: Built
Location: Princeton, NJ, US
Firm Role: Architect