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Studio Hillier

Princeton, NJ


BlackRock Center

The project is organized around an active pedestrian retail thoroughfare that connects the Princeton Junction Transit Station and “BlackRock Center” to a new downtown. The Vaughn Drive extension running north and south through the site becomes the new “main street” and connects the downtown to new residential neighborhoods to the west. Over 400 units of new condos and townhouses are provided next to a new 5 acre park with a lake, recreation facilities, as well as bike and pedestrian paths. Main Street provides a rich mix of retail shops and restaurants with apartment and condo units above and is organized around a new town green which provides an intimate public gathering space for a variety of events and seasonal farmer’s markets. Parking is provided in various locations throughout the site with retail wrapping the ground level to enhance street activity and minimized the visual impact of the parking structures. The new network of streets also provides pedestrian connections to existing neighborhoods further adding the diversity of this new vibrant community.

At the heart of the new development is “BlackRock Center Plaza”. Phase I is comprised of 500,000 gsf of Class A office space in two sleek 7 story glass towers connected by a glass bridge containing a conference center and office amenity spaces. From here employees have striking views of the downtown retails district to the west and BlackRock Center Plaza and the Transit Station to the east. In Phase II a dynamic crescent shaped 250,000 gsf office building is introduced extending the BlackRock identity to the transit station. The Plaza is further energized by an outdoor amphitheater, community theater, retail shops, restaurants as well as entertainment venues.

Buzzing with activity 24/7 “BlackRock” will become the focal point of this new, dynamic “Live, Work, and Play” community all contained within a 5 minute walk from the new Princeton Junction Transit Station.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Princeton Junction, NJ, US
Firm Role: Architect