Studio Hillier

Studio Hillier

Princeton, NJ


Beijing Operations Center for China Mobile

China Mobile describes the character of this place as a blend of art and science; that enlightens the human spirit while promoting the sophisticated technology upon which the modern world has coalesced and for which the CMCC brand is recognized. Consistent with this philosophy, the program brief elevates the importance of an “elegant humanistic environmental landscape” and recognizes the issues of scale and orientation as required for human occupation and a sense of well being. Such evocative language helps to elucidate the deeper meaning of the project. Further description found in the brief has helped to establish a hierarchy of spatial development, orientation and sequence for the overall design of the project:

• Creating a strong scientific / high tech and cultural atmosphere;

• Making harmonious spaces: creating a sense of balance between the individual spaces and the overall complex;

• Developing a coherent and pragmatic arrangement of structures and thoughtful ways to move among and between them;

• Recognizing the opportunity and desire to transform yet integrate the existing site and Radio Station through landscape and land use;

• Enhancing the image of China Mobile as an expert in mobile communications;

• Bringing the sensitivity to Green Olympics and the application of sustainable environmental design and planning principles;

• Respecting the regional culture and the fabric the physical landscape;

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Beijing, CN
Firm Role: Architect