New York, NY


NOOKA Display

We designed a custom retail display for our friends at NOOKA. We interpreted NOOKA's theme of organic and crystalline growth into a display that was actually grown as much as it was designed. We developed a system to automate the arrangement a variety of cubes within a constrained zone and based on certain organizational characteristics such as: height, scale, density, proximity, etc. We were able to quickly test many configurations of the display. The process was very much about an overall quality of the display. We were looking for a design that accommodated many display options overtime rather than moving around individual cubes. The end result was designed to allow for a variety of NOOKA products. We planned for their rearrangement over time by designing a formal organization of cubes that has an over redundancy of flat surface area. Products can be arranged at different heights and in an almost infinite combination. The piece is made of layers of plywood that are stacked. This gives the overall look of strata helping the piece look more like a rock formation that has eroded over time. In the display area there is a layer of felt sandwiched between each sheet of plywood that provides a surface with more finish and contrast for the product to be displayed. We collaborated with Tietz+Baccon and NOOKA on the fabrication of the piece.


Project micro-site also designed by SOFTlab: COstruction

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly

Photos: Alan Tansey

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US